A Sola Kooka - "Slave for sale".
Solid, Strong, Farm Tough Quality Worker

How to? - SOLA KOOKA's

Simple and Straight Forward.


How does a Sola Kooka work?

When aimed at the Sun, Sunshine (U.V.) strikes the specially coated Black collector.

Aim the Sola Kooka at the Sun, and unfold the Reflectors so they reflect additional Sun Shine onto the black Collector. The top reflector shines directly down in to the cooking chamber and the larger one reflects onto the front of the collector plate. These reflectors almost double the size of the Sola Kookas collection capabilities.

This collision, on a Macro scale, slows the very high speed of the Ultra Violet light wave, into the slower Infra-Red wavelength that we know as Heat. The black collector quickly starts to rise in temperature with this natural phenomenon, and will keep rising till the insulated SOLA KOOKA can no longer hold onto the converted heat any more by sunlight being delivered on that particular day.

The maximum recorded (Summer) temperature reached inside cooking chamber is 212c.
The average all year round cooking chamber temperature, 170c.
It is in this temperature zone we cook within.

The Black collector becomes a “hot plate”, on where food, placed inside a container, like a roasting dish or Tray (to catch the foods juices) will also heat up, ¬†transferring the heat to the food, just like a normal Pot/Tray/Dish on an energy hungry stove/oven.

A Sola Kooka retails in Perth, Western Australia for $945 with delivery available throughout Australia. International deliveries can also be arranged.


How to use a SOLA KOOKA

Very simple to use.

After the Sola Kooka has reached 100c, the selected foods to be cooked, are ready to be placed inside the cooking chamber. A butt of meat for instance, would be placed into the baking dish provided with the Sola Kooka. It can be seasoned etc, and requires no added water as it will cook nicely in its own juices and will be surprisingly very tender when cooked. Any vegetables can be added to the same pot, at entrance or later, or may be placed separately in different pots to retain their own flavors, again without any water. With an eye on the temperature gauge, one will soon get to know when that roast is ready to eat, and if you are not sure, the lid can be easily lifted to check. Beware of steam when doing so though. By normal temperatures reached in a Sola Kooka, most Roasts are done in under 3 hours.

The temperatures that drive this instrument are quite constant and can be relied upon. Anything put into the Sola Kooka will get very hot and plastics cannot be used as cooking vessels. One has to use mitts/gloves to lift out the cooking Tray/Vessels, because a Sola Kooka works like any oven at these hot temperatures, and produce any food in a reasonable time frame, just like any other cooking implement does. The Reflectors can be raised or lowered to increase or decrease these temperatures to suit and are easy to adjust.

There is nothing special about using a Sola Kooka. Roasts are done the same as in any conventional oven. So too are Cakes and Biscuits, and a Sola Kooka comes with a self-explanatory, easy to read booklet, with all sorts of hints and shortcuts for getting the very best from your investment, and we are just a phone call away for any added tips or queries.

By owning a SOLA KOOKA, all this heat is supplied free from any charges and taxes, for life. People who bought a Sola Kooka way back in 1994, are still using them, saving many Gas bottles being used and refilled over that time frame, and doing their bit for a healthier Planet.

Cooking can heat up a house kitchen quite quickly. Using a Sola Kooka, the heat produced from cooking is outside, not inside the house, so keeping things cool., saving much on electricity and gas.



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