A Sola Kooka - "Slave for sale".
Solid, Strong, Farm Tough Quality Worker

About Sola Kooka's

Free energy from the sun, with electricity and gas prices skyrocketing
- cook for FREE!

The Plain facts about a Sola Kooka.

A SOLA KOOKA is a true “Stand Alone” Survival instrument.
In times of Local or National emergencies, where energy supplies have been interrupted or ceased, this instrument can be relied upon to sustain a family of four through any natural or man made disaster.

When others around you can’t cook and eat, you can.
If you own a SOLA KOOKA, when others around you can’t cook and eat, you can.

A valuable addition for any family.
This is a valuable addition to any family for day to day use, and in times of emergency, your SOLA KOOKA should be secured against theft.

Plainly speaking.

  • A reliable addition to the ability of cost free household food production.
  • Requires only Sunshine to use. Keep gas in the bottle, electrical bills lower.
  • Won’t heat up your Kitchen/House. Keeps the cooking heat outside.
  • Can be used during any Fire Bans or Power outages.
  • Cooks, Sterilises, Pasteurises, with Food/Fruit drying abilities.
  • Foods cook in their own juices for superior taste and nutrition.
  • No added water needed for use.
  • Temperatures can be increased or reduced by aiming the user friendly Reflectors.
  • Reflectors fold to insulate hot cooked food and to protect collection area glass.
  • Easily stored on easily manoeuvred trolley. Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Large collection area means short cooking times. Leaves no pollution.


The Line Up

Sola Kookas are fabulous! Sola Kooka stands 780mm high, x 775 wide x 860mm long.

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Inside the Oven

Easy access to Cooking chamber with room for assorted dishes and trays.

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Baked Cake

No need to buy new cooking Vessels. All types of dishes/trays, can be used, even new silicon cookware.

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Cooker opened ready for the sun

Tray slides out for Hot/cold dish placement, for easy opening/closing of Door.

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Cooker closed

Reflectors close over to insulate foods, keeping hot till needed.

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Cooker opened ready for the sun

Easily adjusted, wide opening reflectors.

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Cooker Temperature

Surface temperature gauge used to demonstrate the hot Kooka panel on 200c.

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