A Sola Kooka 
Cooking healthy food with the sun for free 

Sola Kooka 

Works willingly year in year out, with little maintenance while saving you  money every day the sun shines. Winter, summer, all year round, year in year out.  Farm though quality. 

  • Save $$ because the Sola Kooka cooks for free.
  • No more hot kitchens on a hot days as the Sola Kooka sits outside.
  • Solarcooking is a healthy way to prepare all sorts of food 
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Plain speaking # 1
A reliable addition to the ability of cost free household food production.


Plain speaking # 2
Requires only Sunshine to use. Save your gas, electrical bills lower.


Plain speaking # 3
Cooks, Sterilises, Pasteurises, with Food/Fruit drying abilities.

Why buy one..?

Free energy from our sun!
Because they cost nothing to use, while they produce several results that are noticeably rewarding from the first day of use. It’s not often one gets something for nothing. But that’s exactly what you get when you own a Sola Kooka.

Something for nothing?


Cooks all your meals, snacks, cakes and busicuts
with no energy costs..

But it’s the quality and taste of the food that is what a Sola Kooka is known for. Meats are tender and juicy, without the tough shrunken fibres that conventional cooking produces. Vegetables are of strong flavour and any foods, as we know, cooked in their own juices are always far superior in taste and nutrition.


These are the differences in owning a Sola Kooka.
The Sola Kooka cooks right thru the food lines as it Roasts, Bakes, Sizzles or Casseroles. So if you cook using any of these methods, the Sola Kooka will also save you the costs of doing so, as it’s powered by the Sun. It can cook over a whopping 8kgs of delicious nutritious tasting food per day.


Food is cooked evenly
The Food is cooked evenly too, so unlike conventional cooking,  it needs no supervision  and as the food is cooked in its own juices, no added water needed, its far superior than conventional cooked food, both in taste and retained nutrition.  


Sola Kookas take the heat outside the home.
The Sola Kooka also takes the cooking heat outside for you, keeping the kitchen cool, especially on those hot days. Why be paying to have 175c heating a kitchen, when A Sola Kooka can be on that temperature outside, doing the same job, for no cost at all, being powered directly by Sunshine.


Far beyond the 190c point
Because of the huge collection area of a Sola Kooka, it coverts Sunlight into heat at a very quick rate and can reach far beyond the 190c point.  The design is very user friendly and easily manoeuvred, even by the elderly.

Cooking with Free Sunshine shows up in a lower Electrical/Gas bill, and the results can be seen also left in any gas Bottles, for later use when the Sun is not shining, creating longer gaps between Refill times.


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